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Featured: Santa Hedgie raffle ticket

By Hedgie


Win an ultra-rare Santa Hedgie with Curio raffle. Eight (8) Santa Hedgies will be given away, one per day, starting Dec 25, 2021 and ending Jan 1, 2022.

How to redeem

1. Purchase this raffle ticket

2. Every day starting Dec 25th we will select one winner

3. Winner will be announced on Telegram and Discord

4. Winner will have to provide their Ethereum wallet public address within 24 hours

5. Santa Hedgie will be minted to the winner's wallet (we cover gas fees)

6. If you didn't win that day, your ticket(s) are automatically rolled over to next day's draw


One raffle ticket = one ballot in the random draw

Limit 10 tickets per player

One person can only win one (1) Santa Hedgie

Min 10 player entries required to activate the draw

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