The Game
Hedgie is an OG project in the NFT space. It was conceived in late 2017 and launched in spring 2018 on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is one of the first Play-to-Earn games. Journey with your Hedgie through four unique kingdoms, dig up loot, boost your Hedgie’s powers and level up. Participate in battles to go head-to-head with another Hedgie and see who’s the strongest. Stake the amount of Curio coin you want to bet against your opponent. The winner takes all!
Meet Your Hedgie
hedgie character main: #af20d3
hedgie character main: #ee2a2a
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Meet Hedgie
The Hedgie collection has a maximum supply of 10K. There are 3 generations, Gen 1, genesis Hedgies from the early days starting in 2018, Gen 2, the Hedgies our legacy players minted recently, and Gen 3, the final public release of generative OG Hedgies. Among these, there are some special editions, like Bitcoin and Ethereum Hedgies, some bespoke ones, and some artist collaboration ones. Some are rarer than others, and some have very special benefits, like membership of Hedgie Art Club.
Hedgie Powers
Each Hedgie has its own hex color and corresponding 4 element powers and 4 skills. These powers and skills determine Hedgie’s performance in the game. Some Hedgies have very dominant powers and some are more balanced. You can boost your powers and skills temporarily by consuming loot, and boost them permanently when you level up. These boosts are very useful in journeys and battles.
Swap on the powers to see what they do!
Helps Hedgie perform best in the Wetlands
Helps Hedgie perform best in the Desert
Helps Hedgie perform best in the Forest
Helps Hedgie perform best in the Mountains
Helps Hedgie find loot
Helps Hedgie return from journeys faster
Helps Hedgie find Resources
Helps Hedgie find Curio
Discover Curiopia
Curiopia is Waiting
Where shall we break ground?! There are four kingdoms to choose from: Desert,Wetlands, Forest, and Mountains. Send your Hedgie to the kingdom that corresponds to its power for best results!
Hunt for treasure
Curiopia has tons of loot to discover! Boost your Hedgie’s powers temporarily with consumables. This comes very handy at journeys and battles. Find resources to build furniture for your Hedgie House. This is helpful to recover the energy faster. Use your loot to earn more Curio coin by selling it to the Game Coffers.
Hedgie House
Home Sweet Home
Every hero needs a home base! Journeys and battles cost energy, and the Hedgie House is where your Hedgie recovers its energy. Use the resources your Hedgie finds in Curiopia to build furniture, and make upgrades to speed up your Hedgie’s recovery time. Don’t forget to clean your house everyday to maintain the optimum recovery rate.
Spend Curio at our Marketplace
Compete against other players in the battle arena to see who's the strongest. Before starting the battle, players select the amount of Curio they want to bet against their opponent. The winner takes all!
Once you accumulate enough Curio coin, you can spend it in our marketplace for NFT art, and occasionally, other products. Every week we fill our marketplace with new offers. Did you know that back in April 2020 one of our players redeemed their Curio coin for a CryptoPunk? Yeah, we have a good eye for what’s going to be trendy 😉
Get Started!
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