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What is Hedgie exactly?

Hedgie is an OG NFT project, launched in 2018 on the heels of CryptoKitties. It’s a P2E game where you train your Hedgie by going on journeys, collect loot, level up, battle other players, and accumulate Curio coin. The project had good momentum in 2018 and then plateaued all through ‘crypto winter’. We’ve always believed in it and never abandoned our early players, genesis Hedgie holders. Now, we’re back in full dev mode, and ready to embrace new players.

I heard Hedgies used to be given away for free?

When we first launched in 2018 people could join and get a randomly generated free Hedgie (Essential Edition, bare Hedgie with no additional attributes). Recently those players had the last chance to mint their free Hedgies. Some did, and those who didn’t will never have a chance to mint them again. These Hedgies will remain playable, but with limited capacity. There are about 24K free Hedgies in the game.

Why should I buy a Hedgie?

Hedgie is a true OG project, started in late 2017 and launched in spring 2018. Unlike most other NFT projects it already has amazing utility, a P2E game that allows players to make Curio coin and spend it on NFTs and other offers in our marketplace. This is a unique opportunity to enter an OG project at the ground level.

What is the NFT Battle Arena you’re talking about?

This is our flagship product, offering great entertainment utility for your Hedgie. You stake Curio coin to go head-to-head with another Hedgie, and the winner takes all. We will soon open this to other carefully selected NFT projects to participate. There will be cross-project tournaments with amazing prizes. Train your Hedgie to be ready!

What are you doing with the OG Hedgie collection proceeds?

Give back to the community! We reinvest profits into building and improving the project so our players see their assets go up in value. We’re also creating a community fund to be used for tournament prizes, giveaways, promotions and exclusive benefits for Hedgie holders.

As an OG project from 2018, what is your claim to fame from the past?

Hedgie was the first project to allow purchasing NFT for fiat. The world was completely different back then, and most people did not know what a Metamask wallet is, or how to buy Ether. We also sold a Cryptopunk in our marketplace for Curio coin in April 2020.

What is Curio coin?

Curio is the original name of our in-game coin. This is the coin you make as a Hedgie player, the coin you stake to participate in battles, and the coin you can spends on other NFTs in our Marketplace.

What is the tokenomics Curio coin and when is it going to be minted?

This is work in progress, we’re working on it as fast as we can, and will share the announcement once we’re ready. Minting Curio coin on chain and listing it on Uniswap, or similar service, are critical milestones in our 2022 roadmap.

What is the team behind the project?

The project is lead by Stazie, one of the original co-founders, an NFT degen who’s been in the space from 2017. We have a new CTO with 20+ years of coding experience, and a mix of original and new team members, experts in their respective fields. The leadership team is fully doxxed. Please see Team  page of the main site for details.

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