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Collect and trade unique digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist and minted on a blockchain as an NFT that you can own and trade.

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Zombie Power Girls Raffle

By Crypto Art


Tezos collection of generative Zombie girls, a collaboration of P. Kuragin and R. Aksenov. Enter for a chance to WIN one of these beauties.

How to redeem

1. Purchase the raffle with Curio

2. Watch Discord or Telegram for winner announcement

3. If you're a winner, you will need to have a Tezos wallet to redeem the prize

4. The NFT will be transferred to each winner


There are 21 unique NFTs available

One entry per player

There will be 21 winners

Chances of winning depend on the number of final entries

Winners will be announced on Nov 23

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