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Collect and trade unique digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist and minted on a blockchain as an NFT that you can own and trade.

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Featured: Dr. Bill - Postcards

By Crypto Art

This is a unique opportunity to bring home a collection of 15 stunning artworks by Dr. Bill, a Generative Art OG. Each postcard showcases his mastery of generative art and offers a glimpse into the mesmerizing beauty of computer-generated imagery. From vibrant abstract compositions to intricate geometric designs, this set is sure to delight art lovers and tech enthusiasts alike.

*The purchase is for postcards only **Shipping cost (to be determined based on buyer’s address) must be paid by the buyer in fiat via PayPal or ETH / XTZ prior to sending the shipment

How to redeem

1. Buy the postcards with $Curio coin

2. Email us your shipping address to

3. We will confirm shipping cost and reply to your email

4. Enjoy!


1 set of postcards per player

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