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Scorpio Season by Andrea Reade

By Crypto Art



Insights by Eloise from The Runic Path <3

All hail the Sun in Scorpio

Time to go even deeper into the heart of Autumn and this extremely powerful time with the Sun now transiting from Libra to Scorpio. We are going into the essence of transformation itself with the depth of the water sign.

The Libra season invited you to find your balance, to really think about what you need to be fulfilled and not comply to the needs of others if it doesn’t work for you. Now the Sun is transitioning from the air sign to the mighty Scorpio, making space for yet another very powerful season.

The next weeks are going to be a time of deep introspection. You will be invited to question how you choose to embody your own power.

Scorpio tend to have a bad rep, its intensity and power can be sometimes scary but oh do I love this sign. This Sun won’t stand for anything but the truth and will ask you to get rid of what isn’t real.

So go deep, don’t satisfy yourself with what seems to be and what stays on the surface. Choose your own narrative!

This season along with the Eclipse coming will be about digging beneath the surface, unearthing what needs to be so that you can emerge as the truest version of yourself.

Are you ready for it all to come to light?

Happy Scorpio Season 🐍✨

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How to redeem

1. Purchase the artwork with Curio coin

2. Email with your Hedgie email and Tezos wallet

3. Hedgie will transfer the NFT to you

4. Enjoy!


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