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Collect and trade unique digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist and minted on a blockchain as an NFT that you can own and trade.

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Dr. Bill, Generative Art OG - FXHash generative artworks

By Crypto Art


Dr. Bill Kolomyjec has been involved in Generative Art from the very beginning of the form. As one of the earliest pioneers of the medium he started making computer art in the early 70’s. He is the one of the few early pioneers who’s still practicing Generative Art today. These collections include most of the Vasarely series, a renewed collaboration with an old friend, Chris Scussel, and new original work. All published on Tezos blockchain’s generative art platform, FX Hash.

How to redeem

1. Purchase the artwork with Curio

2. Choose an NFT from one of these collections: - Action Painting - moonlitWaves - Subdivision Squares - Cuneiform and Kisses - Retrograde - Organic Illusion - Cousin Sirko - Diamond Twirl Composition - Boggle - menToll - Pages - Slava Ukraini - Square Dot Composition - Complementary Dot Logic

3. Email with your Hedgie email, tezos wallet and the link to the NFT you want

4. We will mint your preferred NFT and transfer to your wallet

5. Enjoy!


NFTs to be minted from primary market only, while still available

1 NFT per player

While supplies last

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