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Collect and trade unique digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist and minted on a blockchain as an NFT that you can own and trade.

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Goat Studio POAP Token

By Crypto Art

Generative POAP by Joshua Simpson on Polygon, sold for $5 equivalent in Matic.

POAP is a common use case for events issuing NFTs to attendees. These POAP NFTs are a keepsake, and have benefits to holders besides IRL events in Toronto. They’re available to attendees for a limited time, and then unclaimed tokens go on public sale. ALSO, this is kick-ass ART by an up-and-coming artist! Each token is unique, and some are rarer than others.

POAP mint page:

POAP collection:

How to redeem

1. Buy POAP with $Curio coin

2. Provide your Ethereum wallet

3. The POAP will be transferred to your wallet

4. Keep it safe for when you need it, and enjoy!


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