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Collect and trade unique digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist and minted on a blockchain as an NFT that you can own and trade.

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NFT – The Invasion by Marc Kuegle

By Crypto Art

Beware the Invasion. The first of many! 👽🛸 His first collection on Tezos - Vibrant Versions and the NFT "The Invasion". Marc Kuegle is a self taught Cree/ German artist from Canada. He fuses photography and digital art together as his main mediums and on occasion, includes music and animation. Marc’s inspiration comes from traveling, skateboarding, music and their associated cultures and lifestyles. He has shown his work in various cities across Canada including two solo shows in his hometown of Winnipeg. Marc has also participated in various art events in Bangkok, Thailand including the Mango Arts Festival and a solo show titled Rovers in 2020. In Spring 2022 he joined NFT Goat’s digital/physical Group exhibition in Toronto, and had a digital piece on rotation at Five Points NYC alongside the Ghost Club Collective. In august, Marc was invited to attend/showcase his art at the Toronto Futurist Conference ‘22. His art can create a curiosity for exploration or it can bring back old memories of adventure and travel.

How to redeem

1. Purchase the artwork with Curio

2. Email with your Hedgie email and Tezos wallet

3. Hedgie will mint the NFT for you

4. Enjoy!


There are 4 NFTs available

Max 1 per player

While supplies last, we reserve the right to end this offer at any time

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