Marble Cards

Every web page can only be marbled once and by one person only. Once a card is created, that URL is claimed forever.

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Marble Cards

By Marble Cards

Hedgie-curated collection of Marble cards minted on Matic. Find your favourites, or discover new art, books, games, GIFs, memes, kickstarter projects and much more. These cards can enhance your crypto-collectibles portfolio, and get you into the expanding MarbleCards crypto-verse.

How to redeem

1. Purchase the offer

2. Go to;sortBy=nft_id_higher or;sortBy=nft_id_higher and choose a card you like

3. Email with the card you like and your MetaMask wallet address

4. That card will be set as a direct sale to only your wallet on OpenSea with 0 ETH + Gas

5. Take possession of it any time when the gas is low

6. Please note that card availability is on a first come, first serve basis


While supplies last

Must have MetaMask wallet installed. Here is a handy how-to guide:

One card per Hedgie player

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